How to have a successful photography session with children

April 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The success of a family photography session involving children largely depends on the family's personalities.  With all families, if the session is approached as a time for the family to get out and enjoy each other with a little direction as it pertains to capturing the right image, it can be a positive experience and memory for the whole family.  Do everything possible before showing up for the session to start the day on the right foot.  Pick out clothes the day before and have them ready as every mother knows, it can be the small things that can set a tantrum off (for the kids too, not just the moms :).  

This family's session was amazing.  They were fun, silly and really enjoyed themselves.

  We moved around some property a few times for different shots and backgrounds and each time I would do a few photos including the children, and then some with just mom and dad.  The kids explored and played during their "off" times.  Going in prepared to give them breaks helps tremendously.  Thankfully, we were in an area that had large fields and the parents were comfortable letting them play alone a few minutes at a time.  

As much as I may have an idea going in to photograph a session, you have to be ok with going with the flow.  Kids are going to be kids and if you let them be, sometimes these photos end up being some of your favorites.  

Eventually though with patience and keeping the eye out for those perfect moments, you'll end up with some fun shots and some fantastic ones you'll cherish forever.  





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